Multidisciplinary Guidelines for the Care of Late Preterm Infants

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The National Perinatal Association recently launched the Multidisciplinary Guidelines for the Care of Late Preterm Infants, a new tool for healthcare providers, parents, case managers, and others involved in the care of babies born between 34-36 6/7 weeks gestation. The guidelines–developed in collaboration with more than 20 healthcare professionals and organizations–provide evidence-based recommendations that focus on the management of late preterm infants from birth through childhood and can be used as a road map that provides guidance for the healthcare team and for families.

The Oklahoma Infant Alliance played a major role in helping to develop these guidelines. We were grateful be used as a resource for this project.

In the upcoming months OKIA will continue to shed a spotlight on the needs of Late Preterm Infants as well as those born very early. OKIA is currently in the process of building supplemental pieces that focus on developmental care as well as educational information for parents. These pieces can be used with any existing clinical practice guideline.

Celebrate Parents of Preemies Day

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Parents of Preemies Day is a national day of awareness on Sunday, March 10th, 2013 recognizing the courage and commitment it takes to stay strong and resilient when premature birth turns a family’s world upside down.

Word of mouth is the number one way parents find out about Parents of Preemies Day, and we’re hoping you’ll help us reach more moms, dads, grandparents, and supporters by sharing our message of pride.

For more information visit the Parents of Preemies Day Website: